Wellness Wednesday #3: Whole 30 Week 2

Week Two Overview

Week Two was all about recreating our favorite recipes within Whole 30.With all of the restrictions of Whole 30, it can feel unmanageable. By eating our go-to’s, we started to feel much more comfortable with the program. It’s always nice to see that “healthy eating” doesn’t have to mean giving up the food you want most – you can just prepare it in a healthier way! Week Two had it’s own challenges though, especially traveling over the weekend and figuring out how to comply with the program on the road.

What I Liked Best: I really loved the recipes we tried this week. They were full of flavor and were so healthy. I loved feeling like we were getting into a groove with Whole 30! We’re not scrambling like in week 1 to figure out all the substitutions and recipe options. We’ve both said that we’re not 100% sure if we’re feeling what people often talk about with Whole 30 (e.g., “boundless energy,” or feeling particularly “clean”).We also ate relatively healthy before, so it may not be as dramatic a change for our systems. That said, we haven’t felt uncomfortably full or bloated after any meals. I’m comfortably skipping my morning coffee (granted, I had been scaling back, and I really prefer my coffee sweet!). The jury’s still out!

What I Missed Most: This week, I started just missing the little things – especially when out to dinner while traveling or at our friend’s birthday party. It would have been so much more convenient not to worry about every single ingredient, but that’s part of the challenge: learning to be conscious about what we’re allowing in our bodies.

What’s Been Surprising: Other than the traveling, week two felt much easier than week one. Once we found some compliant sauces and dressings, and we had a better grasp of what we could/couldn’t have, creating lunches or snacks on the fly was much easier. I was surprised how quickly we settled into the rhythm of Whole 30, given how much change there has been in our diet.

What’s Been Challenging: TRAVELING on Whole 30! Holy cow. I’m not even sure if it was more difficult or intimidating. Luckily, I was driving, so I was able to bring some fresh fruits with me for breakfast, sugar-free non-dairy milk for coffee (word to the wise: Starbucks sweetens its non-dairy milks!), compliant salad dressing, and some emergency snacks (like EPIC beef jerky) and meal options (I brought cans of tuna and avocado mayo). Overall, it wasn’t too bad. Many restaurants post their nutritional information online, and some Whole 30 forums were helpful to point me in the right direction. I was able to grab a Chopt salad one day and just added the salad dressing I hauled in my purse like a crazy person. But I was very glad to get home to my stocked fridge and the ability to cook my own meals again!

This Week’s Recipes

  • Sunday: Cauliflower Fried Rice w/ Chicken
  • Monday: Baked Buffalo Wings
  • Tuesday: Sausage & Acorn Squash Bake
    • I used Trader Joe’s Tomato & Basil Chicken Sausage (note: there are two similar products, but only one is Whole 30 compliant. Check the ingredients!).
    • Preheat oven to 350. I cut the acorn squash in half, scooped out the seeds, drizzled with olive oil, added a little salt and pepper, and laid center side down on a sheet pan. Cook approximately 10 minutes, then add sausages to the sheet pan. Cook for another 20 minutes, or until you can easily put a fork through the meat of the acorn squash and the sausage is cooked through the middle.
  • Wednesday: Lettuce Wraps (we used ground turkey)
  • Thursday: Burgers w/ Apple Coleslaw, & Sautéed Onions & Mushrooms
    • Apple Coleslaw: Take pre-made coleslaw mix. Cut, core, and julienne apples. Mix together with 1/2 package of coleslaw mix in a medium bowl. Add 1.5 tablespoons of vinegar, and squirt of lemon juice. Salt & pepper to taste.
  • Friday: **traveling: Salad w/ Grilled Chicken; at home: Pork Chops w/ Homemade Apple Sauce
  • Saturday: **traveling: Smoked Chicken Wings & Steamed Broccoli; at home: Cod Taco Salad
  • Lunches: Salads, leftovers, seafood mix (frozen via Trader Joe’s – so easy to heat up with different sauces & veggies)
  • Snacks: Snap peas, baby carrots, fruits (apples, berries, bananas), plantain chips (via Trader Joe’s) with guac & homemade salsa

In Other Wellness News:

Taylor: I’ve been drinking a ton more water! I’ve always been terrible about drinking as much as recommended, but the key for me has been keeping a large water bottle with me all day. If it’s there, in front of my face, I’ll have a sip. But I wouldn’t always remember or bother to continuously fill up a glass or something. I had a bit of a down week with workouts (my car was out of commission during the week and I was traveling all weekend, so it was just incredibly hard working out a schedule), but I plan to get right back on track with 5x workouts next week! I did get 3 good workouts in still, including a 2.5 mile run, pushing my stamina and pace a little more this week.

Simon: Simon’s continued with his meditation, consistently taking about 6 minutes almost every night. He’s also tried to more generally increase his “quiet time” at the end of the night – taking time without TV, podcasts, etc., to refocus. He’s also deleted the Twitter and Facebook apps off of his phone for a little social media detox (those were his most used platforms). It’s been a good way to de-stress, and also stay off of his phone!

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